Selin is the daughter of a French mother and a Turkish father, and lives in France in the town of Grasse with her mother. She works in the perfume business. One day, she meets young and handsome Kartal who comes to town on a tourist trip. Falling madly in love, the couple spend a few fantastic days together. Kartal tells Selin that he has some business to arrange and goes back to Turkey, leaving her with a promise to return. However, it is a promise he cannot keep because Kartal is already married and has been for several years. His wife is the daughter of Aziz from the Black Sea region in Turkey. Kartal’s marriage is an unhappy one and he wants to divorce.

However, his wife does not give up on him in any way. She attempts suicide when divorce is mentioned and father-in-law Aziz will not let Kartal break up with his daughter. Left behind by Kartal, Selin discovers she is pregnant and she gives birth to a boy. When her son turns 4, Selin learns that her own birth father was married to someone else before her mother and that she has a brother from that marriage. Upon learning this, she decides to go to Black Sea, meet her brother and see her fatherland. She goes to Black Sea with her son and meets Aziz by a coincidence. Deeply impressed by Selin, Aziz falls in love with her at first sight and proposes to her. He offers Selin to come and live in İstanbul with him. The relationship between Aziz and Selin’s little son is very warm and Selin does not want her son to grow up without a father as she did. She accepts Aziz’s offer, goes to İstanbul with him, and there she meets Kartal again. Will their love reunite them? Will Kartal learn that he has a son from Selin? Will fate let them unite?